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យួនកំពុងបិទបាំង អំពើឈ្លានពានរបស់ខ្លួន! ខែតុលា 4, 2010

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មើលផងដែរ៖ http://ki-media.blogspot.com/2010/10/khmer-yuon-border-security-or.html


1. Seng - ខែវិច្ឆិកា 25, 2010

Does Hun Sen tears at Koh Pich stampede memorial is real or just crocodile tears?

If Hun Sen really care for Khmer people and the Country after Hun Sen shed some tears at Koh Pich stampede memorial let wait and see whether Hun Sen has sincere condolences for Khmer people at Koh Pich bridge stampede victims the following must change and happen:

1.The victims of Koh Pich bridge stampede must get financial assistance as Hun Sen promised.

2. Any kind of land eviction must provide appropriate compensation for the people.

3. Boeung Kak residents must get appropriate compensation.

4. Higher salaries for working Khmer.

5. Hun Sen must stop using forces brutally against peaceful demonstration.

6. Hun Sen must stop influx yuon immigrations to Cambodia.

7. Hun Sen must finish his mandate as Prime Minster and resign.

Will some of these above happen after Hun Sen crocodile tears at Koh Pich stampede memorial on 25 Nomvember 2010 today.

No need to wait and see none of above will not happen because Hun Sen can not make any decision of doing any of above because his master yuon will not let these happen in Cambodia.

Most Khmer who know their own real history know that why Yuon installed Hun Sen and Khmer Viet Minh in 1979 for?

It all about Indochina Federation to kill and put Khmer and Lao people and Khmer and Lao countries under Yuon yoke.

So Hun Sen tears shed at Koh Pich bridge stampede memorial is crocodile tears.

2. Seng - ខែកក្កដា 4, 2011

Recent Thai election July 2011 election has any consquences or bad or good to Khmer and Cambodia.

If this female Thai red-shirts becomes first female Thai Prime Minister will it be good or bad for Cambodia.

It will very good for Hun Sen and yuon Hanoi.

But it will be very bad for Khmer and the country ( Cambodia ) as a whole.

Please read on and judge it for yourself.

If this red-shirt lady becomes first Thai Prime Minister it will cause:

1. Long-term unrest in Thailand.

( unrest between yellow-shirts and red-shirts supporters ).

2. In Cambodia :

What is the real reasons behind Hun Sen supporting Thaksin ?

One of the reasons is truth story about this is look at the past activities and real background of thai red-shirts architecture you will see the closed relationship betwenn Ho Chi Minh and the previous and present of Thai red-shirts leaders with present yuon Hanoi leaders and how Viet Mih and Viet Congs used Lao and Cambodia to fulfill late Ho Chi Minh ‘s dream about Indochina Federation .
But now late Ho Chi Minh ‘ s dream has became nearly truth.

So yuon Hanoi has a strong network in Thailand , red-shirts is part of this network , Thai red-shirts formally called Red Thai.

Note: 1. Pol Pot used to support this red Thai to block Thai ambition to swallow part of Cambodia as Thai did during the 1940s in Battambang, Sieam Reap ….ect.

2. But yuon through its puppet Hun Sen support Thai red-shirts to swallow Thailand in the future when they have finish Lao and Cambodia.

3. So former Red Thai or better known as Thai red-shirts most of them are origionally are Khmer known as Khmer Leu such as Surin , Buriram ect… . are not bad people it depent on how and who used them for what purpose.


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